Cathy Cambridge’s Scandinavian Fashion Adventure!

Posted on January 31, 2018

Darlings! We’ve been so caught up in Grammys red carpetry, not to mention the Black Panther crowd pretty much redefining red carpetry, that we let a whole bunch of Mrs. Cathy’s public appearance looks go by without mention! We will rectify this oversight immediately.

If we had to go all Big Story on this one, it’s about color and pattern and fun in a way that’s refreshing to see. It’s also about how Mrs. Cathy is acing the shit out of this pregnancy. Or at least, acing the shit out of faking she’s acing it.

Thus does T Lo answer the question of whether or not they’d say “shit” in front of a Duchess. OF COURSE we would, kittens.


Cathy in Burberry in Stockholm

Who can turn the world on with her smile? Our first reaction to these shots was to reference Mary Tyler Moore’s iconic hat toss, not just because of the similarities in style, but because she looks so damn happy and relaxed, which always seems to be the case whenever she has an opportunity to step out in casual wear.



Cathy in Catherine Walker at the Nobel Museum

This is your Duchess Cathy Swedish Adventure Fashion Doll. It’s pretty much quintessential Cold-Weather Cathy. No complaints here. The green looks great on her and girlfriend can rock a fur hat as well as she can knee-high boots.



Cathy in Catherine Walker at the Swedish Design Expo

Sweetie, you couldn’t put on a brooch? We hear you have access to one or two nice ones.

It really is a sharp look. We think the low-key styling was entirely by design, but this dress, nice as it is, sure could use something. Maybe if she’d worn her hair back it would give the look enough of a zhuzh that it wouldn’t need anything more. Great color, though. Cathy always did have a good idea of what colors work for her, although you wouldn’t know it by the next one:


Cathy in Erdem at a British Embassy Dinner

We were recently asked to give our thoughts for a magazine article about what Cathy should wear to Harry and Meghan’s wedding. We settled on an Erdem floral, figuring it would allow her to stand out in pictures without looking like she’s competing with anyone in the bridal party. This look has us reconsidering that advice.

We so hate to rag on Cathy wearing a floral since we think it’s something she should do more of, along with other prints and patterns. And the sister-wife prairie dress is probably one of the trendiest things we’ve seen her wear in a long time. But this type of dress works best on a movie star or pop singer, who can choose demureness as a unique statement and a change of pace. For someone whose entire public demeanor is based around the idea of being demure and restrained in an old-fashioned and ladylike manner, it only tends to amplify those qualities. Put it this way: the hairstyle and the pearls were a bad choice. This dress only works with some modern spin on it, not by going all 1902 cosplay.

Also: yellow’s not her color.

Sorry, Cathy! Cheer up, we love the next one!



Cathy in Catherine Walker at the Karolina Institute


Since we were so critical of the last one, we’ll leave the following up to you: The oxblood accessories (which are pretty fab): Do they work with the red houndstooth? Discuss amongst yourselves.



Style Credits:
First Look: Burberry Coat | Eugenia Kim Hat | Sorel ‘Torino’ Boots
Second Look: Catherine Walker Coat | Mulberry Bag
Third Look: Catherine Walker Dress | Mulberry Bag
Fourth Look: Erdem Dress
Fifth Look: Catherine Walker Coat | Chanel Bag

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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