Critics’ Choice Awards 2018: Jessica Chastain Leaves it To Chance in Vionnet

Posted on January 12, 2018

Sometimes, when we’re considering an actress on the red carpet, there’s a persistent question, nagging at us in the back of our heads: Does she see it?

Does she really love this dress, the way she’s acting, or does she actually see that it looks like something whipped up on Gilligan’s Island, on the remote chance someone in that crew ran out of clothing.

We sort of respect the leaf motif and the way it’s rendered, but having two giant palm fronds cup your boobs is a slightly distracting effect – not to mention a slightly unflattering one, since it fools the eye into thinking her boobs are heading for opposite exits. It’s possible the effect could have been mitigated if the keyhole had been edited out. We’d have liked to have seen it that way, because the color and leaf design are actually quite striking on her. They just shouldn’t be wrapping around her like that. Completely alters her shape. She looks flatter than she is from the side and wider than she is from the front. Ladies, would those not be dealbreakers for you?

We’ve concluded she can see it and she is, in fact, putting on a world-class performance right now.

Also: this carpet’s got some bust issues. Maybe designers need to stop getting creative in that area.


Style Credits:
Vionnet Emerald Silk Crepe Halterneck Gown with a Keyhole Bodice from the 2018 Collection
Piaget Jewelry

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]
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