The Twenty WORST Red Carpet Looks of 2017: Part THREE

Posted on December 28, 2017

Darlings, before you proceed any further, make sure you have plenty of eye-wash and anti-nausea medication at no more than arm’s reach. Things are about to get ugly.

Well. Uglier.

We’re in the home stretch of awfulness as we enter the TOP (or bottom, if you want to be even bitchier about it) TEN ARENA. Prepare to be dazzled by all the poor taste and bad decision-making skills!


 10: Jared Leto in Gucci at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

At the close of 2017, the question wasn’t whether or not Jared Leto would wind up on the Worst list, but how many times he would. In the end, the question was settled by the fact that all of his red carpet looks were mere variations on what you see here: badly, deliberately mismatched, expensive Gucci pieces thrown together in order to pretend his high-fashion, high-finance relationship with a major fashion house was actually some sort of rebellious, punk sort of thing to do. You’re wearing Gucci blouses on the reg, mister. Your street cred evaporated a ways back. Stop dressing like a clown.



 9: Isabelle Huppert in Gucci at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

We found ourselves terribly frustrated by Miss Isabelle’s Oscars-poledance red carpetry. She tended toward high-end ensembles that overwhelmed her, making her look not fabulous or chic, but like a depressed person forced into party-wear for the evening. We had little time for Gucci’s brand of forced whimsy this year and can’t really say this drab little frock would’ve come off better on another wearer, but it’s absolutely the worst sort of look for someone like her. “Depressing Twee” is not and should not be a thing.


8: Vanessa Hudgens in Yanina Couture at the MTV VMAs.

It is a very silly dress and we need spend no more time considering it.



7. Lucy Hale in Fausto Puglisi at the Teen Choice Awards.

Believe it or not, we actually struggled with this one. Oh, we had no doubt that it was among the ugliest looks seen on any red carpet this year, but to our way of thinking, there’s something kind of generic about the whole thing. Like someone took the oft-made “grandma’s couch” joke and said “FINE. I’ll just go ahead and make a dress OUT OF MY ACTUAL GRANDMOTHER’S COUCH ARE YOU MONSTERS HAPPY NOW?”

And the answer to that is, “No, we are not happy now, because we are forced to stare at quilted acid-yellow velvet over pink velvet whorehouse wallpaper with silver applique randomly slapped on it. Also: HIP CUTOUTS.” Once we said it all out loud, we knew this dress earned its spot among the top.


6: Emma Watson in Louis Vuitton at the “Beauty and the Beast” Paris photo call.

It always wounds us to put a fashionista on this list – especially when it’s someone who isn’t really known for taking risks. But poor Miss Emma stuck one toe outside her normal chic wheelhouse and the whole house of cards just came tumbling down around her. In other words: Hermione got LV’d so hard her she lost all sense of reason. How else can we explain anyone going out in public wearing a censor bar across their chest?



More to come in Part FOUR: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!



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