Style File: Selena Gomez Had Herself a Week in London

Posted on December 04, 2017

Miss Girl had some places to go and some outfits to wear while going to them. And while we wouldn’t say she nailed every aspect of each look, she made some commendably bold and photogenic choices to give the paps something to shoot.


This is her best look. The red mules are a nicely unexpected touch and for once, we like that the lip is matched to the shoe. Normally we hate that sort of thing but it provides a bit of balance. Not loving the tricky hem – or the blonde hair, for that matter. No, we’re still not feeling it.



We’re afraid we can’t sign off on this one, however. Sorry, Selena. We’re sure you’re devastated. But those are some mighty silly-looking shoes under a fairly basic (sleeves notwithstanding) tight little party dress. We might have been sold on the frock, but the styling would have to be a hell of lot tighter than this.



Selena Gomez wishes you a Very Creamsicle Christmas.

While we think the basic idea here is kind of cute and youthful, once you really look at it, you realize that jacket’s kind of hideous. And when we say “you,” we mean “we,” of course. Even so: that circus peanut color is no one’s friend.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]
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