Style File: Rosamund Pike in Saint Laurent and Givenchy

Posted on December 19, 2017

Miss Rosamund’s got a project to promote and we all know what that means, don’t we, darlings?


Sorry, Ros. You’ve got a rep. Although truth be told, you did okay this time. In the sense that you did not, in fact, dress like a clown. Not exactly.


Rosamund Pike at BUILD Series to promote her new movie “Hostiles” in NYC in Saint Laurent.

She’s sticking to that color-free scheme that’s likely to be all the rage among the red carpet lot this season. This strikes us as a decent idea for a look, but with one overdesigned element. In this case, it’s that blouse, which could have used some serious editing when it existed only on paper. It looks like the top half of a wedding gown – and not a fabulous one. We realize that may have been the whole point of the design, but that idea doesn’t make that goofy-ass hem not goofy-ass.

Still, she’s to be commended for sticking to a theme for this poledance: color-free, with one goofy detail.

To wit:


Rosamund Pike attends the “Hostiles” New York Screening in Givenchy.

Well, she certainly seems happy with it. We can see why. That skirt is probably a lot of fun to play with. A bit overdesigned, as per the uzh with her preferences. Still, it’s an interesting look and despite the exuberance of the skirt, we see little to complain about here.






Style Credits:
First Look: Saint Laurent Black and White Ensemble from the Spring 2018 Collection
Second Look: Givenchy Black and White Dress from the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,, Courtesy of Givenchy – Video Credits: Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures via]



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