Style File: Rita Ora Throws Herself a Promo Parade in NYC

Posted on December 08, 2017

Miss Lady is out on the town with place to go, people to see, things to talk about and ensembles to show off. The very LEAST we could do is pay her a little attention, don’t you think?

Rhetorical question. We were going to anyway.

Our main issue with Miss Rita’s style has always been that it’s quite often someone else’s style in a too-obvious way. She tends to veer back and forth between Rihanna cosplay and Beyonce cosplay, and while we respect her for choosing excellent inspirations, there were too many instances of it being less an homage and more a straight-up wig-and-dress snatch. But this week? She did alright for herself.


This is kind of fun and definitely photogenic, although it strikes us a little odd. The colors and print read spring, but it looks heavy. It more or less reads as a day dress, but it’s got a slit to the thigh. But we’re just being quibbling bitches. It works, and it looks kind of fresh (if a little odd).



This one’s all about the outerwear, obviously. You wear a bright orange vinyl coat and it really doesn’t matter what else you’ve got on. Good for her for not overdoing it on any other items. The boots are fine, but they’re mostly generic, which is how they should be. We’d have rather she picked a more generic belt as well. Granted it’s kind of a moot point, because the coat is simply way too big on her. Vinyl’s definitely not something you want to do with a lot of volume.



Y’know, if the top/pants join was resolved a bit better, we’d love this. We suspect those pants don’t take a belt, but the look sure could’ve used one. Or better yet, close the coat. It’s the real showpiece here anyway.



[Photo Credit: INSTAImages]


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