Pop Style Opinionfest: The Mean-Spirited “I, Tonya” and the Utterly Clueless Golden Globe Nominations

Posted on December 15, 2017

Hey, you know how we have a tendency to wander off topic and start opinionating on a whole bunch of other stuff we didn’t plan on? It’s sort of like that with this week’s podcast. Again.

First (after a rough start), we launch into a spewing of all our thoughts and opinions on I, Tonya, the Margot Robbie-starring Tonya Harding biopic, which co-stars Allison Janney (in an award-worthy performance that, in our opinion, should not win the Oscar because of a better perf in the same category), and the hiding-the-hot Sebastian Stan, who Lorenzo actually thought looked hotter somehow in this film.


Tom’s side-eyeing that one hard.

Anyway, we wander a bit off to talk about how this is the year when critical consensus on the awards track scene is being seriously questioned and critiqued by writers and critics, many of whom sit outside the white male hegemonic structures of cultural criticism (to use fancyspeak).

As for the film itself…



Does it contain eyebrow-raising portrayals of domestic abuse? Does it gloss over the seriousness of the crime at the center of the story and occasionally attempt to absolve the main characters of it? Is it rife with classism? Does it erase the victim of the crime from the story? Is it mean-spirited at its heart?

Yes to all of that. And we still wound up giving it really high marks. You’ll have to listen for the reasons, though.

After we’re done with all that, we launch into our yearly diatribe against the Golden Globe nominations and how this year they seem even more egregiously out of touch with the culture than in years past.

Plus, our reaction to the news that the women attendees of the Globes all plan on wearing black to signify the #MeToo movement.

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