Lily James, Gary Oldman, and Kristin Scott Thomas at the “Darkest Hour” UK Premiere

Posted on December 12, 2017

Darlings, very dignified English actors stepped out on a dignified red carpet to model dignified clothing while silently imploring you in a most dignified way to consider coming to see their dirty little picture show. The very least we could do is pay the poor dears a little attention.


Lily James in Burberry

We generally don’t like those types of straps, but the look overall is sleek and stark, which plays well with her softly romantic features. The only design element we don’t like is the bow (…?) on the strap. The only styling element we question is the hair, which looks decidedly post work-out.


Gary Oldman

A tuxedo with no tie and undone shirt screams “Groomsman at the end of the reception.” Come on, now. You’ve already made the commitment to formalwear. Leaving out one of the essential elements doesn’t make it look cooler, it just makes you look like you’re either getting dressed or getting undressed.


Kristin Scott Thomas

The hem peeking out below it and the shoes with the big silhouette are both not the greatest choices for it, but that coat is gorgeous. Love the earrings.






This one’s sitting on our pile of screeners, but to be quite honest, we haven’t felt a burning need. The cast is great, but it sometimes feels like Winston Churchill is the modern Hamlet for aging English actors (and judging by John Lithgow’s Emmy win, at least one American actor). It just seems like every Brit actor over 55 wants to take a crack at him. Sort of like how every 40-year-old white male American actor is required by law to have a decent JFK impression at the ready, should they be called into duty to suddenly play him.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: Universal Pictures UK via]

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