Laura Dern, All Over the Place at the “Downsizing” LA Premiere: IN or OUT?

Posted on December 19, 2017

Given the dearth of decent celebrity style content options in this, our least-busy week of the year, you’d think we’d be backed up with opinions that require expressing and thus would have no need to look around the room and ask what anyone else thinks about a given topic. But sometimes, we like to listen to the opinions of others. Just for the hell of it. Also, because we’re genuinely curious what you think of this:

It’s so very her, isn’t it? And we love her. Which means we feel duty-bound to love this look, but we’re finding it extremely tough going. There’s definitely that Dernian sense of quirky drama. It’s different without being avant-garde or terribly difficult to wear. And it’s a good thing that she has such a consistent and idiosyncratic personal style.

But this is pretty goofy, no? There are too many discordant elements in that dress, from the bustier/primly high-collar neckline to the gothy lace panels and witchy sleeves. We’d say at least one of those elements needs to go before this works, but we can’t help liking just how weirdly right it all is for her. Similarly, we love the boots but seriously question whether they work with this dress.

You see, it’s not that we lack opinions on this look. It’s that we have so many that we need you to weed through them for us. Despite all the goofiness, how’s this working for you?

Laura Dern’s Sexy Goth Schoolmarm:

IN or OUT? 




Style Credits:
Vassilis Zoulias Velvet Dress with Lace Detailing from the Fall 2017 Collection
Fernando Jorge Jewelry
Christian Louboutin Shoes

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Vassilis Zoulia]

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