Kevin Hart, Nick Jonas and Dwayne Johnson at the “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” Paris Premiere

Posted on December 06, 2017


We were all set to unleash a torrent of jokes and judgment, but …


These guys did okay for themselves.

Let us walk together through the heather while we regale you with reasons why.


Kevin Hart

Were loving the weight of that suit. Maybe that’s an odd thing to say, but celeb guys tend to default to relatively lightweight, businesslike men’s suiting. It’s nice to see a well-fitted suit in a textile that has a little oomph to it. We tend to think the t-shirt/suit jacket combo on men is roughly analogous to the square-cut bathing suit. There’s only a relatively small percentage who can truly pull it off. Kevin’s part of that crowd. As with so many things, the look works largely because the details are fine and well-executed. The shoes and watch look great.



Nick Jonas in Musika Frère

We give Nicky Tryhard all the credit in the world for picking such a bold suit, but he has once again fallen victim to his own swoll-obsession by stuffing himself into a tiny little outfit. Dude, you’re standing next to The Rock – and his suits always fit. Also: shave. Milk whiskers are not hot.



Dwayne Johnson

He seems to really be leaning into that semi-iconic shot of him in his youth, sporting the very latest in neck bling and fanny packs. While we remain firmly committed to our anti-turtleneck stance, the fine suit and the surprisingly hot grey-beard action is making this mostly work.



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[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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