Jessica Chastain in Elie Saab at the “Molly’s Game” Amsterdam Premiere: IN or OUT?

Posted on December 13, 2017

Maybe it’s because we’re awash in Star Wars high-drag red carpetry or maybe it’s because there’s been a slightly interesting bump in red carpetry as the year winds down. Celebs are always on their best style behavior in the midst of awards season, but the trend during this time normally bends towards conventionality and a form of Hollywood professionalism wholly unlike the one found in your employee manual. This year, however, there’s a slight increase in risk-taking and showing up in eye-popping looks. The ladystars are feeling a mite energized at the moment, it would seem.

Which may be why we feel so ambivalent about this look:

It’s pretty, the color looks great on her, and we can’t honestly point to one aspect of it that needs correcting or improvement. It’s perfectly fine.

Which is why we’re sure you bitter little kittens will find something to gnaw on:

Jessica Chastain’s Perfectly Fine Premiere Look:

IN or OUT? 


Hey, for some people, “perfectly fine” is the same thing as stylish. Who are we to ju–? Hahaha. We almost wrote that with a straight face.

Style Credits:
Elie Saab Embellished Dress from the Spring 2018 Collection
Piaget Jewelry

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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