Friday Leftovers for the Week of November 26th, 2017

Posted on December 01, 2017

Darlings, are you ready to put this week of red carpetry to bed? Actually who cares if you are? The point is, we are, so strap yourselves in.


Amy Schumer

Why, Miss Amy. This is quite pretty. Not exactly busting out of your comfort zone, but flattering and well-executed.



Catherine Zeta-Jones

Lady, call 1-800-STYLIST right now.



Cynthia Nixon

It’s got an angular severity that gives it a high-fashion feel while managing to suit her better than we could have predicted. We don’t love it exactly, but it’s interesting.



Debra Messing

This all works pretty well. Maybe it’s not pushing any envelopes, but she looks good. We think she could go up a few shades lighter on the hair, though.



Elle Fanning in Versace

It’s a bit “Chicago touring company” but at least she doesn’t look washed out.



Gretchen Mol

Oof. Honey, no. This is the definition of “dowdy.”



Hailee Steinfeld

Sure. Whatever.



Heidi Klum

Cute enough. Disappointing shoe choice.



Idris Elba

Resting on pretty.



Jaime King

Is that a sheer dress over a turtleneck? With a big leather coat thrown over it? All in shades of headache and nausea?

We need to lie down.


Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Evans

Zero effort all around.



Jessica Chastain in Giorgio Armani

You know what happens when you add a super-tricky shoulder treatment to a really boring dress? Nothing, really. It’s still a boring dress.



Justin Theroux

We LOL’d.




Kate Bosworth

Girl the wale on your cord is just a little too wide for us.

And the look is kind of silly overall.



Kelly Clarkson

Maybe it gets the job done for her, but she could do better. That hem hurts us.



Kristin Chenoweth

Oh honey, YES. Come THROUGH, Miss Kiki you little drag Barbie, you.



Léa Seydoux in Louis Vuitton

It’s so disconcerting when someone shows up wearing an LV look that’s kind of pretty and unchallenging. Where’d that come from?



Leslie Jones

Not the best color story, but it mostly works for us.



Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

Do you feel silly, Michelle? We’d feel better if you did. Just nod or blink or something.



Nicole Kidman in Louis Vuitton

Also a rather surprising LV. We think we like this. We certainly always whine at her that she should wear black more often since it really sings on her. The hair’s not great and we’re not feeling the shoe choice, but the dress has possibilities.



Noomi Rapace in Louis Vuitton

Love this crazy chick. She knows what to do with all this stuff.



Riley Keough in Louis Vuitton

She has the good sense to look bemused, which is a real point in her favor. Those shoes are almost hilariously ugly. The dress is just silly.



Uma Thurman

Quiet, bold and strong. A dress and a message at the same time.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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