Demi Lovato Has an Extra Belt at the Z100 Jingle Ball If You Need One

Posted on December 12, 2017

Trying to impose conventional fashion-judging criteria to the Jingle Ball performers is a pretty dumb idea on the face of it. And yet…

There’s only so far our open-mindedness will go, darlings. This is heinous. Her top has a belt to match the belt on her jeans. That’s like some Inception shit happening there.  And what’s with the zipper action on those jeans? Bad enough she’s got those weird shin zippers, but the one at her crotch makes it look about four feet long. A four-foot long crotch is a look that benefits no one, Miss Demi. We would have thought that could go unsaid but apparently reminders are needed for some.

Is it us, or has she lost her way on the style front? She was never a major Fashion Girl, but she had her moments. Lately, all her moments seem to be pretty awful.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]


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