Claire Foy and Matt Smith at a Screening and Q&A for “The Crown” in New York

Posted on December 05, 2017

Matt has let his recent Best-Dressed Man accolades inform his choices here. Either that or Claire’s just done with the Elizabethan drag. Either way, it’s clear there was no pre-event coordination of outfits.


Not that they look bad – or even that they should coordinate. They’re neither a couple nor are they on a team. They do kind of look like people who just ran into each other, coming from wildly different events, though.

He looks okay. Corporately bland, but okay. We’d rate a suit a little dressy for this venue, but like we said, once they call you a Best-Dressed Man, you start feeling a bit more respectable and responsible. We’re surmising.

As for her, she looks cute overall, but we’d quibble with some of the details here. The hair’s not great. With a look like this, you can either sport a blocky jacket or a blocky cut of jeans. Both at the same time embiggens one. And that is one piss-poor cuff job, your majesty.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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