“Call Me by Your Name” Star Armie Hammer for Mr Porter’s “The Journal” Style Guide

Posted on December 07, 2017

Mr Porter‘s weekly style guide “The Journal” features “Call Me by Your Name” star Armie Hammer photographed by Beau Grealy and styled by Nicolas Klam.



On what Call Me Be by Your Name taught him about love: “Love is love,” he says. “I feel like making this movie has freed me up in so many ways. I no longer have to subscribe to the societal expectations of being a straight white male. The more a child travels, the less they are likely to be racist or xenophobic. This was like travelling, but just in an emotional capacity.”

On working with Mr Luca Guadagnino: “I have never been pushed like that before,” he has said. “So much of what that movie was about was accessing a certain emotional vulnerability, and sharing that with somebody. I think everyone’s life changed because of it.”

On post-Weinstein Hollywood: “It seems like this shift is happening,” he says. “The people in power are no longer free to abuse it recklessly, which is great. For so long it was expected that the powerless would just take it.”

On what his time spent in rural Italy taught him: “There is something really beautiful about a life that is stripped down, simply having the bare necessities, [such as] time,” says Mr Hammer. “Nobody is rushing anything. You are just free to enjoy everything in the moment. I came back to the States thinking that is exactly how I wanted to live my life, but then the rat race starts all over again. The world now is so quick paced. Someone sends you an email and expects you to get back right away. There is a lot of pressure.”

On his decision to avoid starring in big-budget movies: “I made a decision to back out of the whole studio system a few years ago,” says Mr Hammer. “It was a machination of people just trying to make money, as opposed to making art. When you are studying acting, they talk about the way a movie can impact you as a performer, and I never really found that to be the case [with big-budget movies]. They were great to make and I had the best experiences of my life. But with Call Me By Your Name, I was pushed. I’m the one who has got to do it, working a 16-hour day, doing it all over again the next day. There has got to be something in it for me; it’s my life. I’d love to do a huge movie and be able to have a huge house, but at the end of the day, I know I sleep better at night, and I feel better in myself if I am doing a project that I am passionate about.”

On his struggles growing up: “There is that misconception that, ‘Oh, you grew up in a wealthy family so you must have got it easier.’ I probably had opportunities that other people didn’t have. But I guarantee that other people didn’t have [parents] beating into their skull that they were the ‘representation of the family’. That was not the easiest pill to swallow. People might look at me and think my life is so perfect, but everybody wrestles with the same demons.”

On why his mother might not be seeing his latest film: “It’s always awkward to say, ‘Come to this movie where you can see my ass and watch me give a blow job.’ My mum is more conservative. I don’t know if she’ll see it.”

On his style: “I don’t know if it’s so much that I’ve found my style groove or I’m like, ‘Fuck it’ … “I used to love dressing up for events, and now I dread wearing a tux. Basically, these days, if I am not wearing shoes, you know I am comfortable.”

On his next film: “I made this film for my daughter,” says Mr Hammer. “I want her to have stories of strong women who changed the world from their own ironclad will. I don’t think there are enough of these out there.”

On why he doesn’t want to live forever: “There is something nice about the memento mori. You get one round. That makes it all the more special. I’ve got friends who are really involved, inside that tech world, going to life-extension doctors. Every time I hear it, I am listening, but I think, why? I don’t even take vitamins. It requires a lot of self-importance. I am sure people can balance it, but it doesn’t feel necessary to me to get to 200.”



[Photo Credit: Beau Grealy/Courtesy of Mr Porter]

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