British Independent Film Awards Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on December 12, 2017

Hey! Let’s go judge some Brits! They’d do it to us if they had half a chance, the cheeky buggers!



Andrea Risenborough in Erdem

She remains a unique presence on the red carpet, with the unique aesthetic to go with it. And her style team really knows how to build eye-catching looks entirely around her hair at the moment. This is strangely lovely.



Edward Holcroft

Lose the neckbeard and add one color.



Hayley Atwell in Jenny Packham

Much as we love her, this feels a bit stale and overdone.



Jamie Bell

Secret Service Agent. Not really a style compliment.



Jason Isaacs

There’s been an epidemic of heavy hair and beard dye among the manstar set and we’re here to tell you guys: it’s not good. Dial it back. We realize you’re in a youth-oriented business and all, but the Shoe Polish Effect is real.

Nice suit, though. Wish it wasn’t all in black.



Joanne Froggatt in Temperley London

Time for us all to admit it: this gal’s a bit on the tacky side in her red carpetry. A studded bustier AND a sheer skirt at the same time does not speak of awards gala prestige. And the red satin pumps are a horrifying way to finish it off.



Natalie Dormer in Theory

Sex-Ray Technician.

Or at least, that’s the name of the video she appears to be shooting later.



Olga Kurylenko in Balmain

Against our better judgment, we find ourselves liking this more than not. It’s ludicrously over-designed, but we appreciate the slight whimsy of it, as well as the way it stands out from so much cookie-cutter red carpetry.


Ruth Wilson in Calvin Klein

It’s low-effort, but honestly, she’s better off keeping it that way. Every time she tries to pick something interesting, disasters both minor and major occur. Ruth, we approve of you deploying the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sister) Principle in your style choices. Next time, pick a color. Fortunately, you can probably work a wide range of the rainbow, so there’s little chance of you picking badly.



Thomas Brodie-Sangster

SIXTH turtleneck of the week, and it’s only Tuesday. This trend is red hot – and we are so pissed that some of these guys are making it work. Thomas, you are not helping us in our anti-turtleneck crusade.

Beard dye and turtlenecks. This is how you want to end the year, celebrity men? We suppose it’s fitting somehow.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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