T Lo’s Picks for HOLIDAY SWEATERS, from Festive to Funny to Chic!

Posted on November 20, 2017

Kittens, there’s a reason this one’s called “T Lo’s Picks” and not the usual “Lorenzo’s Picks.” You see, your boy Lo is the one you want to call upon when you need some help picking out stylish and sometimes trendy pieces to beef up or freshen up your wardrobe. And when T floated the idea of Lo going out and doing some virtual shopping for holiday sweaters, there was a bit of a … tussle, if you will, over just what that entailed. You see, Lo envisioned chic and festive sweaters, utilizing the rich jewel tones of the season and incorporating design motifs like bows, or snowflakes or cozy Scandinavian intarsia sweaters. Tom was all, “Yeah, that’s nice, but I’m thinking more like sweaters that light up and have jingle bells attached to them.”

And thus, after much argument, did each member of this judgmental couple go off and fill up their virtual carts with an array of holiday sweaters, each to to their own liking. And thus did this massive selection appear, ranging from the classic “Ugly Christmas sweater” to some truly cute and festive Holiday-themed ones, and even some downright chic seasonal ones that you might even get some wear out of for more than one week each year.

Prepare yourself, for everything from tasteful fair isles to octopus menorahs to Darth Vader, darlings. We did NOT hold back:




Did we hook you guys up or what? There’s the fun and goofy stuff (including a Whoopi Goldberg ugly sweater line for Zappos and a menorah that actually lights up) the geeky stuff (like the Superman, Chewbacca and Darth Vader jawns), the chic stuff (LOVING that Thom Browne, but also the Kors with the velvet bows, which is not a thing we normally like but think it comes off subtle and festive here), and some cozy, stylish pieces (like the Woolrich stuff and the pieces from Boden) and some straight-up holly-jolly jingle-jangle (like all the fun, hipsterish ASOS pieces and pretty much anything with a Christmas tree or Santa on it). It’s all here, darlings. Whether you want a holiday sweater to get some laughs and make for some fun pictures, or you want something with true deck-the-halls/trim-the-tree/spin-the-dreidel appeal, or even if you want something quietly chic for that round of holiday parties and open houses you’ve got on your December schedule. T Lo is here to sort it all out for you.

And remember: If you’re looking for some stylish non-holiday sweaters, Lorenzo went the strictly chic route for you here and here. He also snagged some of the most gorgeous coats and jackets of the season too. And keep your eyes peeled for our multi-part Holiday Gift Guide coming soon!




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