Style File: Tracee Ellis Ross Had Herself a Night Hosting the American Music Awards

Posted on November 20, 2017

Award-winning actress, former model, and Princess Royal to the Empress of Pop (herself an unchallenged legitimate Fashion Icon), Miss Tracee always had the bona fides and the DNA to know how to have fun with her fashion in high-impact ways. But when you give her the opportunity to host one of the biggest nights of the year in pop music AND watch her diva-mother make a well-deserved return to the spotlight, it’s perhaps no surprise that she’d go completely over the top in her choices.

And while we’d argue that her own personal style and career are strong enough to be considered well distinct of her mother’s (in other words, we rarely see a reason to compare the two), it’s pretty clear that she took the opportunity to subtly (or not-so subtly) pay tribute to Mama through her style choices. Tracee’s always bold and dramatic in her style, but she really went for the “DIVA” stuff in a way we’ve only occasionally seen.


Tracee Ellis Ross in Ronald van der Kemp Couture

Come on, now. That may be too much to take, but we’d argue that’s largely the point. This is big stagewear in the Bob Mackie mode, exactly the kind of thing Diana or Cher would’ve worn at some point back in the day.



Tracee Ellis Ross in Vintage Halston

DITTO. Can you see it? It’s totally “1979 Grammys.”



Tracee Ellis Ross in Paco Rabanne

It’s all so insanely loud and attention-seeking. We’d even go so far as to say that a good deal of it is tacky if you’re looking at it from a purely fashion perspective. This gown, for instance, would get shredded by us (pun intended, we admit) if it walked a red carpet. And that turquoise jewelry doesn’t really go at all. But it you’re working a pastiche of late ’70s to mid ’80s pop glamour, this fits right in.

It didn’t all quite fit on the continuum, however:


Tracee Ellis Ross in Roberto Cavalli

No, girl.

We’ll skip lightly past this one.


Tracee Ellis Ross in Vintage Shrimpton Couture (Coat) and Destiney Bleu (Bodysuit)

That is as Cher/Miss Ross as you can get without going to a drag revue these days.


Tracee Ellis Ross in Balmain

But we don’t want to oversell the point. While it’s clear to us that homages were being paid left and right, we also think a lot of this stuff just makes good use of her own looks as well as good use of the occasion to cut loose and have fun. This isn’t necessarily Diana drag, for instance. It’s just big and bold in a very diva sort of way.


Tracee Ellis Ross in Giambattista Valli Couture

And this is just crazy-fabulous. The entire look is made by those silver boots, which are insanely chic in their own way.

But even if we point out instances of Miss Tracee going her own way or only lightly paying homage to her mother, there’s no denying when a true tribute is happening:


Tracee Ellis Ross in Christian Siriano (Suit) and Vintage Blouse (Worn Previously by her Mother)

How fabulous is that? And how very Tracee to wear the pants cut in that style. She made it her own while bowing down in respect at the same time. She really is kind of next-level in her fashion thinking.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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