Style File: Krysten Ritter’s Impeccable, Relatable NYC Street Style

Posted on November 09, 2017

Miss Lady has a book out – no, really – so she’s doing the whole “published author” tour, if you’re a published author who happens to also be a celebrity in her own right, that is. But Miss K smartly opted for a slightly downscale, real-world approach to her promotional style, without sacrificing any of the high impact and chicness fir which she’s known.


Krysten Ritter promotes her new book “Bonfire: A Novel” at BUILD Series in NYC.

She just invented Rocker Fashion Witch chic and we’re pretty okay with that. We have a hard time with the hem/boot size ratio, but those exact proportions are red-hot in the fashion world, so she’s just being the trendy gal she is. This could’ve looked a little too downscale for an appearance, but the boots and the cape really make it.



Krysten Ritter departs BUILD Series in NYC.

Call us old-fashioned, but if you’re gonna sport skinny jeans at that length, a pump will always look more chic than a huge clunky boot. Love this look, but like the one above it, a huge part of the appeal comes down to her natural ability to wear it and work it for pictures. She’s even making us dig that turtleneck. What sorcery is this? Girlfriend’s just got it. She always has – even when we disagree or dislike what she’s wearing.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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