Style File: Helen Mirren, Serving up Leather and Lace, at AFI Fest and the Governors Awards

Posted on November 13, 2017

We have long-learned the lesson that it doesn’t matter what quibbles we may have regarding the style choices of Queen Helen of the island nation of Fuckinfantastica, as she is known round these parts. Because she is Queen Helen of the island nation of Fuckinfantistica, her subjects (ie, you) tend to give her free rein when it comes to matters of fashion. Her Fabulous Majesty could wear a clown suit and her people would shout their huzzahs to the heavens.

Fortunately, we’ve got little to bitch about here. Whatever minor quibbles we may have tend to get overwhelmed by how well she’s pulling both looks off.


Helen Mirren attends the screening of “The Leisure Seeker” at AFI FEST 2017 in Hollywood, California in Valentino.

This is simply amazing. There is no reason to think that ANY of these style choices would work for her, and yet it’s probably one of the strongest, most chic looks we’ve seen from her in some time. That dress, when you get down to it, is kind of ridiculous. A pleated leather dress with a schoolmarm collar and studded ankle-strap pumps? Such is the power of Queen Helen.

And such is her ability to pick and wear high fashion, since she can transition from dominatrix to chic granny in the same weekend:


Helen Mirren attends the 2017 Governors Awards in Hollywood, California.

Diamond hard and whimsy-soft. The many sides of Queen Helen.

We love this. Again, this might look a mite precious on a different wearer, but she’s got the bearing to pull it all off. LOVE that skirt. We don’t know if she switched stylists, but she’s certainly coming off like she’s got a new perspective or fresher attitude. Both of these looks are A-plus.




Style Credits:
First Look: Valentino Leather Embroidered Long-Sleeve Dress from the Fall 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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