Saoirse Ronan Tests Us on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”

Posted on November 29, 2017

Listen, we’re feeling really fragile right now after ripping what seem like hundreds of Miss Universe national costumes and we’re afraid our nerves are really too raw too deal with this:


You guys, we don’t want to yell at such a sweet and charming girl. We don’t want to shriek at her that her color sense would make a Fanning swoon. But someone needs to help this poor girl escape the fate that befell those Fannings – years of being stuck in washed-out dresses that made them look like baby Baby Janes – so we elect you to do it. Tell her that a champagne-colored silk jumpsuit with spaghetti straps is a very dicey thing to choose. And also, while you’re at it, tell her the platform shoes are kind of tacky. Tell her she needs rich colors and more textural pieces. But say it all nicely and don’t tell her we told you to say all that.








Style Credits:
Galvan London V-Neck Slip Dress from the Resort 2018 Collection

[Stills: Tom and Lorenzo via NBC – Photo Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC, – Video Credit: Late Night with Seth Meyers via]

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