Porter’s Incredible Women Gala 2017 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on November 03, 2017

Look at all these Incredible Women? Other no-doubt incredible women also attended this event, but these are the only Incredible Women we felt like highlighting! Because they’re so incredible!

Also: cute outfits.


 Brie Larson in Chanel

This is her style sweet spot. She’s similar to Jennifer Lawrence in that she does best in uncomplicated designs that highlight the athleticism of her body and don’t ask much of her. J Law’s Dior contract has allowed her to expand her repertoire somewhat, but Brie would do well to stay firmly planted in this mode. We don’t know if she realized just how sheer this dress would be under camera lights, but it doesn’t bother us either way.

The shoes, on the other hand…



Charlize Theron in Givenchy

It’s not setting us on fire, but it’s cute and there’s really nothing to argue with here. It photographs well.



Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Burberry

We are all in favor of you working a metallic floral Burberry suit, Miss Gugu. This ’80s bathroom wallpaper is beyond even your considerable abilities, however.



Selma Blair in Marc Jacobs

That’s a really cute dress. An equally cute pair of shoes would set it off beautifully. These are not those shoes, girl. Your stylist is getting a kickback to foist them on you.

That’s not true, but we’re willing to start lying to make these generic sandals go away for a while.

Seriously, though. Silver pumps, areweright? Maybe a bit of a cliche, but a much cuter cliche than those cliches.


[Photo Credit: Getty Images for Porter Magazine]

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