Pop Style Opinionfest: T Lo Pour the Tea

Posted on November 03, 2017

Darlings, you just KNOW we weren’t going to remain quiet about all the celebrity scandals of the past week. We may have gotten quite a bit off our chests in re: Kevin Spacey in a post earlier this week, but we go into detail about what it’s like when a post like that goes viral and how we feel about some of the things written about our response. Never let it be said that these two bitches don’t get the last word in.

Later in the podcast, we launch into the whole Kathy Griffin vs. Andy Cohen war and talk a little about that brief period in our blogging careers when we actually knew Andy slightly. Bottom line: whatever you think of his public persona, you’re going to think of his less-public one. Andy’s many things, but what you see is what you get. Which isn’t to say we came down hard on either person’s side of this tale. Kathy’s got legit complaints, Andy is who is, and they’re both so alike that it was inevitable they’d wind up at this point.

Somewhere in the middle there, we get into last night Project Runway:








Including an outright bickerfest over accusations of bias on the part of one of us. Yes, even WE have our own scandal this week!





Once again, thank you for tuning in and passing us around, dolls!


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[Photo Credit: Lifetime, INSTARImages – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it]

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