Pink in Monsoori at the 2017 CMA Awards: Girl, That’s Not Your Dress

Posted on November 09, 2017

We pondered this one for a bit. Our reaction to it was instantly and unquestionably negative, but we weren’t sure if we were guilty of being narrow-minded about how Miss Pink should be dressing.


And it comes down to this: We absolutely think Pink can and should wear big poofy princess gowns if she wants to – and since her daughter was wearing one herself, we would imagine it was very much a Mommy & Me situation. That’s cute. We’re not inclined to think it’s the best style for her, but we think if she finds the right one and makes some smart styling choices, she can make it work for her.

This is one hundred percent not that dress. The bodice and shoulder treatment are embiggening for one, but more importantly, it just doesn’t suit her. She needs a bolder color and a gown with some bit of edge to it, rather than this generic-looking thing. It’s not a horrible gown, it’s just not the right one for her. Girl, that’s just not your dress.


Style Credits:
– Monsoori Tulle Ruffle Gown from the Fall 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: ABC/Image Group LA,]

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