Mommy-Judging the Baby2Baby Gala Red Carpet

Posted on November 14, 2017

Kittens, you know awards season is officially under way when poor ol’ T Lo is scrambling to get their opinions out on the sudden deluge of red carpetry. For this post, we’re running down the GlamourMoms of the Baby2Baby Gala, which is a thing.

Hit it, ladies! You’ve all got babysitters for the night and tons of borrowed merch to show off, so tear it up for us.


Busy Philipps in Jenny Packham

Great color, but the Snow White sleeves pretty much ruin what could have been a good, classic look for her.



Chrissy Teigen in Christos Costarellos

Way more fairy tale than she normally goes for. It’s okay. All the stuff hanging off the bustline and shoulders is unnecessary.



Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford

Gotta give it up for Gwynnie. This may not be the hardest look in the world to pull off, but she still looks pretty amazing in it.



Jaime King in Christos Costarellos

Pretty, seasonally appropriate, and surprisingly conventional for her.



January Jones

Great skirt. Weird top.



Jennifer Garner in Roland Mouret

Why Miss Jennifer. You’re a diva all of a sudden. This is oddly dramatic for the occasion, but because it’s so simple, it really suits her. Minimalism may be her style sweet spot.



Jessica Alba in Brock Collection

Generically pretty dress. The bag makes a decent point of interest but you don’t want everyone looking at your hand all night.



Jessica Biel in Giambattista Valli




Julie Bowen in Fabiana Milazzo

It doesn’t quite work for us – these “tableau” sorts of dresses can go either way – but it’s unusual and striking in its own way. If nothing else, the colors look amazing.



Kelly Rowland in Lanvin

A Project Runway contestant in the middle of an emotional breakdown made this dress. We don’t care if it says Lanvin. She’s lying.



Kristen Bell in Vika Gazinskaya

Yeah, no.

First, we would caution her to stay away from this pale blue because, like pale pink, it will render a pretty blonde white lady fairly generic fairly quickly if it’s the only color she’s got on. Both she and this shade, when they’re together, need some hot or metallic accents to set it off. But that’s beside the point because the angel-wings are silly-looking; especially when paired with that plunging neckline.


Nicole Richie

For her past few appearances on this site, we’ve been arguing in favor of her world-class ability to pair random mismatched items and make the whole thing look chic. We may have to get off at the next stop on that point because the pendant, bag and shoes all seem to be fighting each other.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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