Michelle Pfeiffer, Goddamn Movie Star, at the “Murder on the Orient Express” World Premiere

Posted on November 03, 2017

Miss Pfeiffer’s representative requests that you all bow down.



She used to be our go-to example of an experienced star who never could handle the frenzy and high expectations of the modern red carpet. Well, shut our mouths, Miss Lady. There is nothing but confidence on display here. And glamour, of course.

We are, however, going to have to say (lest we get drummed out of the Bitches Guild) that the shoulder treatment is decidedly not good. And what little we can see of the footwear choice doesn’t fill us with joy. But it’s a total movie star look, which is not a well she digs into often enough, if you ask us. She tends to go the Boho route more often than not. And this star turn may have triggered something in her, because she looks confident and comfortable in a way she doesn’t always manage when faced with a wall of camera. Lady’s feeling herself right now and that goes a long way in selling a look.

Being Michelle Pfeiffer helps a lot too.




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