Lily Collins and Tessa Thompson Announce the 2018 Film Independent Spirit Award Nominations

Posted on November 22, 2017

Hollywood! Where even the announcement of a nomination for an award is a high-fashion modeling event with cameras and press! These people can’t poop without a press release!


Which is why we’ve always granted ourselves free rein to be totally judgmental bitches about what they’re wearing when they vie for our precious attention. And on that masterfully executed (if we do say so ourselves) segue…


Lily Collins in Zimmermann

She wore a cute little springtime-floral frock the other day that left us kind of cold, but for some reason, we like this one; maybe because it flirts (pun unintended) with a more old-fashioned sort of romanticism instead of just being a floral party dress. To be fair, we really hate the cutouts all over it; an attempt to make something a little earnestly retro come off edgier than it needs to. And we don’t like the hem treatment at all. But it’s fairly cute and it suits her perfectly. Still not feeling the center-part hair.


Tessa Thompson in Jason Wu

This is so her wheelhouse – this vaguely Afro-Caribbean ’40s retro style – that this almost feels like something she just threw together without much thought. Which isn’t to say it looks sloppy or slapdash; only that it suits her so well and she makes it look effortless. She can make all that pattern-mixing and the irregular hem and neckline work for her instead of overwhelming her. Our only quibble? If you know us, you guessed it: Not feeling the bright orange shoe. We feel like any color but that one would’ve been a better one to pull out of the dress. Maybe if they weren’t so blindingly “traffic cone,” they wouldn’t bug us, but we keep picturing a teal, blue or green pump in its stead.







Style Credits:
Lily Collins: Zimmermann Floral-Print Long-Sleeve Mini Dress with Lace-up Detailing from the 2018 Collection
Tessa Thompson: Jason Wu Multi Print Dress from the 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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