Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence Pretend to be New BFFs on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Posted on November 06, 2017

We’re several days behind on this one, but we just couldn’t let it go by uncommented-upon, darlings. That’s just not our nature.


Okay, ew.

That aside, let’s talk fashion. J Law girl, you may want to examine your choices if Kim Kardashian comes out as the better dressed member of your party. That Wang dress is simply too goofy for a talk show. It’s a particularly bad choice for a host sitting behind a desk because the goofiest element of all is the only part of the dress you can see. We don’t hate the dress on its own merits. It’s got an editorial quality to it and we suspect someone with a little more of an edge to them could pull this off in a red carpet situation.

As for Kim, it’s fairly dull and basic, but considering some of the hideosities her husband’s line has foisted upon the world, she’s to be commended for finding something relatively normal to wear out of the lot. We remember when she used to show up for talk shows in see-through dresses. Kimmy’s growing up. The wig’s awful, though.





Style Credits:
Kim Kardashian: Yeezy Moss Green Crop Top and Matching Maxi Skirt
Jennifer Lawrence: Alexander Wang Black and White Dress from the Spring 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes – Video Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live via]

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