“Justice League” World Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on November 14, 2017

The extended Justice Fam came out for the premiere of their little movie and if you’re detecting MUCH less stress on their faces it’s because the initial critical social media buzz is largely positive, if not exactly effusive. “More fun than expected, with flaws” seems to be the consensus. This crowd seems happy to take it. At least for now, before the actual reviews hit.


Amber Heard in Atelier Versace

She’s playing Aquaman’s undersea girlfriend/wife, so we’re trying to decide whether the netting motif is deliberate or just a coincidence. There’s nothing about the design we’d call fresh. It’s fairly recognizably Versace at a glance. But she’s working it and she’s styled exactly right for it: sexy, but strong. LOVE the little wave in her hair.


Ben Affleck

We’re not asking anyone to line up and declare their sympathy for him, but he sure as shit looks depressed – and has for a long time.

Style-wise, this is all fairly acceptable, if not exactly exciting.


Connie Nielsen and Gal Gadot in Altuzarra

All the feels. Although now that we’re looking at them out of costume, they don’t even look related, let along mother and daughter.


Connie Nielsen in Altuzarra

This is a stunner of a look. Lady, we’re glad you got to this dress before anyone else did, because you were born to wear it. LOVE the neckline and the huge belt. LOVE the hair. We need to see more of Miss Connie, because a blonde lady in a black gown is not exactly a recipe for red carpet excitement, but she truly looks amazing.



Gal Gadot in Altuzarra

Whenever she’s poledancing for this specific character, she tends to stick to the themes of her look: lots of red and blue; occasional white ensembles, and metallics out the wazoo. In fact, this almost looks like one of the Amazon costumes from her own film, except all glammed up. We can’t say we love it, though. The bodice is just too tricky and the skirt length is slightly awkward.



Diane Lane

We like the idea of this gown, but that stripe is too much for a skirt that large. It looks like an awning and visually overwhelms her.



Ezra Miller

Queer Vampire. It’s a thing. And it works really well for him. He’s getting better at this.



Henry Cavill

He just looks like gay porn all the time now.

This is not a complaint.



Jason Momoa in Valentino and Lisa Bonet in Alexander McQueen

Congrats to the newlyweds. He’s trying hard to be respectable here, but we think we’d rather he stuck to his surfer-warrior look. We’re digging her Wonder Woman-adjacent gown.



Ray Fisher

Dude, you really need to step up your game. You always look like one of the PR people behind the scenes wandered in front of the cameras. No one knows you. Look at Ezra. He knows he’s surrounded by bigger names and his style game is appropriately stepped up. Do better.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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