Jennifer Lopez, Looking Sassy on the Set of “Second Act” in NYC

Posted on November 29, 2017

In other, far less explosive movie news, Miss Jennifer wore herself a pretty cute costume on the set of her upcoming rom-com.

Although that black hole in the center of it is kind of weird, no? We can’t imagine that won’t be distracting on camera. At first glance, we dubbed this real-world relatable (in that “walking around during the day in a cocktail dress and heels” sort of way), but then we snatched the label and figure it’s probably anywhere from six- to sixteen-hundred dollars. We bet her character is on her way to work in it.

Poor gal looks a little chilly, though. Even the extras in the scene are bundled up. Maybe her character has some sort of overheating problem. She’s too hot-blooded for a scarf!



Style Credits:
Missoni Multicolored Flared Dress

[Photo Credit: Jose Perez/,]

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