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The InStyle Golden Globes Anniversary Party Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on November 16, 2017

Darlings, a celebrity style magazine threw a party for celebrities  in order to celebrate the anniversary of a celebrity awards ceremony! Can you even STAND how much celebrities love themselves?!? Neither can we! That’s why we’re such hardcore bitches!

And on that note…


Adam Scott

Meh. The idea’s sound, but that suit isn’t casual enough for what he’s trying to do.



Alison Brie

Ooof. Ticky-tacky sales rack holiday party dress.



Angela Sarafyan in Mario Dice

Love the touches of green in the accessories. The overall effect is pretty, but we’re not sure pointy-toed white pumps look right with that dress.



Aubrey Plaza in Valentino

That hem border feels like it has nothing to with that skirt, which in turn looks like it has nothing to do with the top half. It’s like none of the parts of this dress are speaking to each other at the moment. You get free Valentino and you pick this?


Chrissy Metz

LOVE it. It’s got shape; it’s got sleeves; it’s got a great print. This is all we’ve been asking for, Chrissy.



Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani

Still an adorable couple. His outfit’s a bit on the business-like side, but the colors look great on him, as does that gold dress on her. Maybe a belt for the latter?



Issa Rae in Brandon Maxwell

We really should be railing against a halter neckline WITH A TURTLENECK, but she’s gorgeous and the look is striking. We can’t hate.



Jake Gyllenhaal

It’s a nice suit, but the look is pretty dull.



Jamie Bell

N0-frills, gets-the-job-done style. We’re disappointed, to be honest.



Justin Hartley

Back in that blue suit again. Shrug. He’s pretty, so it works.



Kate Bosworth in Antonio Marras

MUMSY AF. We might have given this a slight pass if she’d worn it in May, but it comes off really odd on  a November red carpet full of seasonal metallics and velvet.



Lea Michele in Yanina Couture

We want so badly to be encouraging, because she seems to be trying to get away from her super-sexy red carpet style of the past, but this is one goofy-ass dress. Shoulders are trendy right now, but we can’t get behind those Batman ears.


Mandy Moore

We were almost ready to declare this a shocking normal, if dull look. Then we got to the crayshoes. There she is.



Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji

The dress is pretty enough, but the matchy accessories are a big ol’ no.



Rachel Bloom

Rachel, we doubt you’re reading this since you kinda went ballistic on us that one time, but this looks really great. One thing we’ve noticed about you: you don’t always pick the right silhouette for yourself. An A-line skirt is okay for you, but this would’ve looked gangbusters with a more fitted shape on the bottom.


Sarah Hyland

A little on the stiff and wallpaper-y side of things, but it’s on point and seasonally appropriate, which is sometimes a lot to ask for with this crowd.



Sonequa Martin-Green in Off-White

Miss Sonequa, we have a crush on you because of Star Trek: Discovery, but Rita Ora shut down this whole “loungewear on the red carpet” trend earlier in the week. Did you not get the memo?


Tatiana Maslany

Sweetie, we love you, but you dress like an office manager.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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