“I, Tonya” is a Salute to the Worst Hairstyles at the End of the 20th Century

Posted on November 01, 2017

Sure, it’s more than that. In fact, you should watch the trailer, because this flick looks …







And we don’t just mean the eye-popping costume and art direction. The performances look fantastic and we’d bet on the trailer alone that Allison Janey will be snatching up all kinds of awards in the months to come. Oscar nom practically guaranteed.

But Jesus take the wheel, is this ever giving us bad hair flashbacks:

For all you kids out there too young to remember: YES. THE WORLD REALLY LOOKED LIKE THAT.

It’s truly a wonder we ever survived it all. Bad perms and stone-washed denim as far as the eye could see, you guys. It was hell for baby T Lo. HELL.

We are so watching this on opening day.


[Stills: Neon via Tom and Lorenzo – Video Credit: Neon via YouTube.com]

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