Heidi Klum Stuffed Her Pants and Won Back Halloween

Posted on November 01, 2017

The Queen of Halloween is back in fine form:


And as per the usual with her costume choices, vaguely nauseating. After last year’s disappointing “clone” theme, the Queen retook her throne.

But goodness, does this Fright Fraulein ever put the commitment in:



Any jamoke could pull together a half-assed Michael Jackson costume for Halloween. It takes THE QUEEN to hire a full-on Thriller video ensemble of backup zombies. You have reclaimed your crown, Heidi.

Incidentally, a bunch of interns on social media incorrectly identified this as a Teen Wolf homage, which meant we had to be forcibly yanked off twitter lest we start yelling at them to brush up on their cultural history, like a gay Statler & Waldorf (which, to be fair, we kind of are).

Two observations; one mundane, one a little weird.

As she usually does, she posted bits and pieces of the process of putting this look together on her social media accounts. That’s a fully functioning set of facial prosthetics that took most of a day to apply. This isn’t meant as a criticism of the efforts, but you really can’t tell the difference between this and a high-end store-bought rubber mask in pictures. We realize she had full facial movement, but the effect must have been a lot more impressive in person.


If you ask us, it’s Heidi’s use of body prosthetics that really makes most of her costumes. Whether she’s showing up as a grotesquely accurate Jessica Rabbit or a 90-year-old version of herself, Heidi always understands that the costume doesn’t stop below the neck. What fascinates us here is not so much the torso work, but the rather masterful and subtle use of padding and proportion to take her legendary legs and hips from Victoria’s Secret supermodel proportions to skinny Michael Jackson proportions. The work done from the waist down would make a drag king jealous.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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