Heidi Klum Serves Up Her Signature Look at the American Music Awards, But is it Time for a Change?

Posted on November 21, 2017

We’re feeling kinda bitchy and contrarian today (more than usual), so let’s dive into some conventional style wisdom and question the hell out of it.

On any given day, we’d rate this a decent, well-rendered, gets-the-job done Heidi look:

A classic shimmery Versace in soft colors with a plunging neckline. It’s practically impossible for her to get a look like this wrong, since it was clearly designed with someone exactly like her in mind. And for most of the last decade, we’ve given Heidi a free pass on this sort of thing. If it looks great and she can work it effortlessly, why mess with it? Which is a point. But here’s the counterpoint: Styles grow stale. And if your public image is so well-established and repetitive that something as potentially spectacular as this gown just comes off work-a-day and barely registers a mention, wouldn’t it be kind of a fun and unexpected thing to do to really change people’s expectations of you? With the full acknowledgement that Heidi can work a plunging neckline and shimmery tight gown from now until the cows come home, wouldn’t it be kind of fun for her to embrace a more high-fashion style?

We already know plenty will say she shouldn’t mess with what works, but we envision a Celine Dion-style makeover that’s no less high-impact as her current style, but continually delights with a succession of unexpected choices. Because let’s face it: She hasn’t budged an inch in about twenty years.

Think about it, Heidi. Switch it up a bit.




Style Credits:
Vintage Gianni Versace from Morphew Gown
Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry
Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, ABC/Image Group LA]

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