Harry Styles Does it Harry-Style at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai

Posted on November 21, 2017

A cute man in beautiful suiting, crooning into a microphone. What’s not to love here? We can’t say this post is going to be loaded to the rafters with fashion commentary. Sometimes, you’ve gotta let the pictures do most of the talking.


Harry Styles in Gucci

We wouldn’t claim he’s setting any new trends or standards. And aside from some fun with color and proportion (he likes a big lapel and a squared-off shoulder), we’d rate most of his choices somewhat standard. But he’s consistently turned out for his performances; so much so that it’s become a sort of signature style for him. Even if we don’t have much to add about his suit choices (although we love the pink shirt and subtle tuxedo trim here), we salute his commitment and consistency.

Also, this next one’s really fun:


Harry Styles in Givenchy

We’re feeling the minty Studio 54 freshness. It’s a look that we’d wager only a single-digit percentage of maledom can pull off successfully, but Harry’s definitely a member of that select group. We might quibble with the too-subtle color difference between the shirt and suit, but it’s a minor point. The man’s in a toothpaste-colored suit and deserves some respect for that.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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