Gwyneth Paltrow Fails to Innovate at the WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards

Posted on November 02, 2017

Le sigh:

Look, we won’t deny that this look is classically chic in its own way – although we’d argue the jacket is way too heavy-looking and the neckline is too low. But chicness and quibbles aside, it’s simply not what we’d call a highly photogenic look. Sure, she’s not exactly out there hawking her latest Oscar buzz film or superhero flick. She doesn’t need to show up at an event like this shooting sparkles and glamour in all directions. In a lot of ways, this is probably appropriate for the event. But dear God, is it ever dull. Forget the ensemble, she couldn’t do one slightly interesting thing with her hair, sport a red lip (and/or brows you can see from more than three feet away), or pick any pair of shoes other than the same pair she’s been wearing for years? The thing with classically chic, low-key outfits like this one: you’ve got to nail it on the styling. Your face, earrings, shoes and bag all need to be well-chosen in order to really complement and set off the fairly basic items you’re wearing. She looks no different than she does any other of night of the week and she’d make the exact same styling choices if she was wearing a white lace dress.

Sigh. We don’t know why we even bother. We really don’t.



Style Credits:
Michael Kors Collection Black Double Crepe-Sablé Jacket with a White Silk-Georgette Wrap Blouse and Black Sequined Sarong Skirt from the Spring 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: IMSTARimages, Courtesy of Michael Kors]

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