Gal Gadot is Surprisingly Sassy at the “Justice League” London Photocall

Posted on November 06, 2017

Why Miss Wonder Woman. We declare, this is a bit of a surprise, dear.


While we can’t say we’re always big fans of a lip motif, we’re still pretty on board with this dress choice, if only because she has come a little dangerously close to falling into a style rut. She tends to like sweeping, stately, non-fussy looks. This is fun, cute, and full of personality in a way that feels like a slight departure. Although to be purely critical, the skirt is the only part that totally works for us. The sleeves feel a bit unresolved and we’re not crazy about how the bodice is lined. Once again, we’d have preferred a black lining or even one in a dark color over the skin-toned one, which only makes her look like she has no nipples.

We get that she likes to keep her hair tight most of the time, but this was one frock that really called for a party blowout.

Still, it’s fun and takes a great picture. More of this and less of the goddess gowns, no matter how on point they may be for a Wonder Woman-based poledance.



Style Credits:
Givenchy Lace and Velvet Lip-Embroidered Dress from the Spring 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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