Friday Leftovers for the Week of November 12th, 2017 – Part Two

Posted on November 17, 2017

Kittens, part one of our driveby bitcheryfest can be found here. Now gird your loins for part TWO:



Anne Hathaway in Halston

It’s simple and elegant, even if it’s a bit dull for pictures. Given the venue, that’s fine.



Catherine Zeta-Jones




Cynthia Nixon

It’s a very “her” kind of dress – and the shoes are well-chosen – but the shape is a little hard to work.



Emmy Rossum

She’s almost never this bold or attention-seeking. We wouldn’t mind seeing her get away from the romantic elegance that she tends to work more often than not, but this is kind of tacky and overdone.



Jackie Cruz in Charles & Ron

That print’s a LOT and we’re not in love with the colors, which don’t look very rich, but our real issue are those frickin arm valances, because we don’t know what else to call them. We’ve seen far too many of them lately.



Jaime King in Elie Saab

Hmm. The print looks a little dated to us. Still, the colors are nice. We like the velvet touches but think they  might be overplayed.



Josh Hartnett

Meh. That hipster thing isn’t really your look, Josh. You should be dressing like Sam Shepard circa 1990.



Josh Hutcherson

Junior prom.



Kate Hudson in Michael Kors Collection

The dress is fine, but her styling just isn’t up to it. A little more slap and zuzh, please.



Lana Del Rey in Gucci

Works for us.



Malin Akerman in Cristina Ottaviano

She always looks like she just arrived here from around 1981 or so.



Natalie Portman in Christian Dior

Yeah, she would pick a big gray gown. That’s her all over. It’s fine, but the bust is really odd.



Nina Dobrev in Ralph Lauren Collection

A surprisingly dramatic turn coming from Miss Nina’s corner, but what’s up with the hair?


Portia Doubleday in Jonathan Simkhai

LOVE this. Maybe not so much on the shoes matching the skirt, but the ensemble is so dramatic and high fashion. And the colors look great on her.



Rebecca Hall in Christian Dior

This is really cute in a slightly retro way (unless sheer hose are really coming back), but the fit’s not so hot.



Rita Ora in Zuhair Murad Couture

Meh. Seen it, sweetie.



Salma Hayek

God, we are going to be SO SICK of black dresses before the month is out. Celeb-ladies? You’re grabbing your power in a way no one’s ever seen before and you’ve forced a massive cultural shift with your bravery and fortitude. Let the men wear the black mea-culpa shrouds. You gals should be celebrating.

We’re just saying.



Sofia Boutella

We’re surprise by how much we like this. It’s not exactly what we’d call a fresh design, but the interesting design of the top sets off the big pink cliche of the skirt.



Timothée Chalamet

Lighten up, kid. You look like a missionary.



Zoe Kazan in Christian Dior

It’s a little bit precious and it’s got both the Dior jock straps and the Dior tiny bust, but the fabric is really pretty.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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