Ezra Miller Covers the November Issue of Interview Magazine

Posted on November 07, 2017

“Justice League” actor Ezra Miller covers the November 2017 issue of Interview magazine photographed by Mikael Jansson and styled by Ludivine Poiblanc.



“I think that artists don’t make art—the art makes itself through us. I’m not the doer, you know? I’m just along for the ride. Acting really reminds me of that because I don’t write the words; I don’t make the decisions. That’s the director. Narcissism is a tragic condition. It must be so miserable to live trapped in a reflection that only includes the smallest version of our identities. Our true identities should have no bounds and no limits.

“As a white man, there’s a dangerous tendency to think of our experience of the world as universal. The most important part of my practice as an artist has been remembering to stay humble. There is so much hurt, so much sorrow, so much pain in the world, and I think when you’re born and bred into privilege, it’s easier to have a closed perspective on things. But there’s this opportunity that’s open to all of us to let empathy connect us back to one another.”



[Photo Credit: Mikael Jansson/Interview Magazine]

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