Claire Foy, Matt Smith and Vanessa Kirby at “The Crown” Season 2 World Premiere

Posted on November 22, 2017


Darlings, they’ll never be royals, but we’re already a bit verklempt over the fact that we’re going to have to say goodbye to this trio after this upcoming season of The Crown concludes.



On the one hand, we’re ecstatic that Olivia Colman has been cast to play middle-aged Queen Elizabeth for the third season (and have reason to be optimistic that the Philip and Margaret recastings will be just as smart).


On the other hand, these three were such a huge reason why the first season of the show became a hit – and they all had such great chemistry with each other – that it’s going to suck to see them go.

But while we still have them, we should take the time to judge what they’re wearing, don’t you think? Seize the day and all that.



Claire Foy in Christian Dior

For something so sparkly, it manages the trick of looking kind of dreary at the same time. The colors don’t really set her off or vice versa. The style is so basic as to be generic, which is a thing in its favor, from a certain perspective, when you consider how much cray has been coming out of the House of Dior of late. The hair is SUPER cute, though.



Vanessa Kirby in Prada

Another dreary/sparkly dress. How did they both manage this trick? We like a good bronzey metallic (although we’d argue her coloring isn’t the best for it), but the sheer sleeves and scalloped sheer hem is just too tricky and distracting. It looks like a fancy apron.



Matt Smith

He’s doing alright.






[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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