Carrie Underwood Knows What She Wants for Herself on the CMA Awards Red Carpet

Posted on November 09, 2017

We’ve always been a little hard on Country Barbie regarding her style choices, which defaulted to bland, neutral sparkle with no discernible personality for a good portion of her career. But in the past few years, we’ve detected a distinct effort to push herself a little. We’re not talking avant garde ensembles or even cutting-edge trendy ones, but the looks have become just a little bit less generic as she’s gotten a little older and possibly more sure of herself.

For instance:

There’s just no way for us to say that we love this dress on its own. It’s a bit too beauty pageant for our tastes. But we recognize that “beauty pageant” may just be a style she responds well to or simply likes. And it sure as hell isn’t out of place at a country music award ceremony. All those ruffles are pretty on point, when you get down to it. The color looks fantastic on her. The fit is off slightly and we’d quibble with a lot of the seaming choices, but the more we look at it, the more we think it checks off our three-point style philosophy: The right garment on the right wearer at the right time and place.

If we really want to be bitchy about it, we think the over-matchy jewelry is what takes it to Barbie-land. We realize those earrings cost as much as a mansion, but the design tends to make them look like costume jewelry. Keep the ring and rethink the rest – including the sparkly mani, which really shouldn’t accompany a million bucks worth of borrowed diamonds. Then again, can’t a country girl get a little bit of country sparkle on?


Style Credits:
Fouad Sarkis Off-the-Shoulder Long-Sleeve Couture Dress
Butani Sapphire and Diamond Earrings
Hearts on Fire Diamond Ring
Anabela Chan Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire Ring
Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals

[Photo Credit: ABC/Image Group LA]

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