Carey Mulligan in Calvin Klein Collection at the Hollywood Film Awards: IN or OUT?

Posted on November 07, 2017


We feel like we’ve been so negative today, darlings. Why must celebrities, stylists, and fashion designers insist upon disappointing us so often? Are we so wrong to lash out against the sins of ugly clothes or poor accessorizing?

Haha. Of course not. We’re doing God’s work here! Even so, we’ll feel like we’re riding a wave of negativity that might not result in giving this look a fair chance:


Yeah, no. Of all the matchy-matches, we think a red dress with matching red shoes is probably one of the worst. That right there is blinding us to any other good points the look might have. She’s right for these sorts of minimalist takes, but that pink flap thing is just … well. We’ll let you have the final say. Suffice it to say, it bugs ol’ T Lo.


Carey Mulligan’s Flappy, Matchy Minimalism:

IN or OUT? 


We’ll go spray cold water on our faces and come back refreshed and ready to opinionate again once you guys are all done here.


Style Credits:
Calvin Klein Collection Red Sleeveless Dress

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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