Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, and Ray Fisher at the “Justice League” London Photocall

Posted on November 06, 2017

Miss Gal got the spotlight, which only seems fair since she put more of an effort in, but don’t think you’re getting away from our judgment, Justice Guys.

The word for this post is, surprisingly enough…


Ben Affleck







Aw, don’t be shy, Ben. It’s what happens with a clingy shirt, puffy pecs, and a breeze. Still, perhaps you could have chosen items that fit you properly. Both the shirt and the pants fit him weird. What’s with that pull on the right leg, just below the waist? Is his fly coming down? Ben, pull yourself together. We all have doubts about this movie and you’re kind of a mess, which isn’t helping.



Ezra Miller

Honestly, we can’t fault any of this. It’s a bit too on-point if not try-hard; more suited for Comic-Con than a photo call. But we can’t deny it has real style to it (not the cap, though; that’s just branding). It suits him and it doesn’t feel fake; it feels like his own enthusiasm for the project coming through. We’ll take this nerdy goofiness over Batfleck’s drowsiness.



Henry Cavill


We’re sorry, but we think he looks pretty silly. It’s true that our longstanding hatred of the satanic turtleneck is coloring our reaction, but come on, guys. Are we really being so biased and prejudicial? Is this all really the best way for Henry to do a semi-dressy look? We say no and no. He looks like a high school English teacher in 1983. It’s not even a good way to sport a remembrance poppy.



Jason Momoa

Jason, the only way a loincloth is going to work on you is if it’s the only thing on you. We can’t say we love every bit of this outfit, but it sure would look better without that dishrag hanging out.



Ray Fisher

Try harder, Ray. We’re still looking up your name every time we have to do one of these.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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