The “Avengers: Infinity War” Official Trailer Has Officially Dropped and We Officially Have Opinions

Posted on November 29, 2017

Silly kittens. Did you expect us not to spew?





We are, perhaps unsurprisingly, of two minds here. There’s the fanboi-squeeing mind that’s just bouncing up and down in his seat with excitement over seeing all of these characters onscreen together, in a big, loud, messy cinematic reconstruction of the classic Marvel crossover event comic. But there’s also the critical, less optimistic mind who’s narrowing his eyes, stroking his chin and wondering if that many characters in one film might just overwhelm the average audience member – especially if the story hinges on a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the dozen-plus films that have preceded it and laid the ground work for it.

Lots of screencaps for your pinterest and background-screen needs before our final thoughts:


In the end, we doubt any possible objections or concerns we might have about the film’s sustainability are moot. The fact that this film happened at all is a testament to the fairly meticulous and steady work Marvel Studios has done in creating something wholly new in mainstream cinema: an entire connected universe of stories spanning dozens of hours of storytelling over a decade. On the one hand, there’s probably no way it can avoid being a loud mess that’s hard to follow at parts. On the other hand, its very existence is something of a cinematic miracle in the first place. Seeing those previous two sentences back to back has us thinking that, for good or for ill, this is the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars of the superhero genre.

But ScarJo’s hair looks terrible. We’re of one mind on that.


[Stills: Tom and Lorenzo via Marvel Entertainment – Video Credit: Marvel Entertainment via]

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