Reese Witherspoon & Ava Phillippe Go Twinsies at the WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards

Posted on November 02, 2017

A little bit of “Mommy & Me” red carpet action:


Personally, we’re not inclined to like mothers and adult daughters dressing alike for a picture-taking situation. Sorry, but there it is. We figured we’d be up front about it, especially since there’s an argument to be made that Reese’s southern background makes this something of a cultural thing that these two yankee boys can’t really understand. We’re just saying.  It’s nice that the dresses aren’t identical, but the shoes and hair are distractingly alike. Miss Reese keeps circling around these Dynasty-esque styles that aren’t all that great for her. Those shoulders are simply awful. We’re surprised by how much we like Ava’s much simpler dress, even with the sheer panel. Maybe it’s that very simplicity that makes it appealing. It just works for her.

There seems to be something of a concerted effort – a la the Smith/Pinkett Smith kids – to give Ava a push into a celebrity career of her own, and a big part of that push seems to be to tie her as closely as possible to her mother. Subsequently, every time we see an article, tweet or post about her, it’s always about her amazing resemblance to her mother. One thing, though: She’s the spitting image of her father. We can’t be the only ones that see that? We don’t know the family dynamics there, or even claim to know if Ava has any real plans for herself in entertainment, but her entire image is being packaged solely as “Reese Witherspoon’s look-alike daughter” except – absent all the aggressive styling – she doesn’t look that much like her.

Having said that, we think the bond they have is no PR stunt. Reese, in all her social media posts and mentions of her daughter, really does seem to be absolutely crazy about her and they both seem to have a good relationship. If Ava does have acting plans, you can bet Mama’s going to make sure she’s protected and well-informed.


Style Credits:
Ava Phillippe: Balmain Sheer Sleeve Mini Dress | Gianvito Rossi Sandals
Reese Witherspoon: Giorgio Armani Embellished Dress from the Fall 2017 Collection [Not exact match in the gallery]  | Cartier Jewelry | Jimmy Choo Sandals

[Photo Credit: IMSTARimages,,]

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