Angelina Jolie Wakes Up Just in Time for the Hollywood Film Awards

Posted on November 07, 2017

You guys, sometimes we question ourselves. No, it’s true.

Stop laughing.

Anyway, we have a point. The fashionista press GUSHED over this look:

Said gushing caused us to briefly look up from working on our nails and survey the room, before asking no one in particular, “Is it us?”

Because that’s a bathrobe. We realize this counts as probably the 30th post of the year where we posted some variation on the sentence “That’s a bathrobe/nighty/lingerie/nightgown/pajamas,” which makes our assessment here not terribly fresh or original, but COME ON, FASHION PEOPLE. STANDARDS, PLEASE.

Sure, she’s as stunning as she ever was, sporting great hair and paint jobs – although we think her peeps routinely make the mistake of thinking a face with as many planes and angles as hers doesn’t need a little contouring for pictures. Considering the legendary cheekbones, jawline and lips, she comes off fairly moon-faced on the red carpet a lot of the time.

But that’s beside the point, which is this: T Lo are really sick and tired of celebrities hitting promotional events dressed for bed and they all need to stop this silly business right now. No one here is asking for body-con or skin-baring from anyone who doesn’t want to go there, but can we at least get back to actual clothing meant to be worn in public? Or taking it down to the bare minimum, can we stop praising the public pajama trend so much?

She’s gorgeous. We’d even argue that the robe is lovely. But it’s something you wear while you’re getting your face and hair done or having a glass of wine in front of a fire. Not for public consumption, no matter what the fashion folks say.




Style Credits:
Jenny Packham Pale Silver Silk Gown with Velvet Waist Belt from the Fall 2017 Collection
Tiffany & Co. Jewelry
Charlotte Olympia Sandals

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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