Let’s Judge the Men of the 2017 American Music Award Red Carpet!

Posted on November 21, 2017

Gentlemen, line up for judgment. Don’t worry. A couple of pricks and it’ll all be over.

Now be quiet while the pricks speak.


Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers

These guys get a lot of praise from fashion corners for their low-key dandy style, and we won’t say it’s undeserved, but we will note that we’ve never seen them on the red carpet where they didn’t look either a little sloppy or a little unfinished. The looks are pretty good, but the collapsing shirt plackets, ill-fitted jackets and questionable footwear have us not quite ready to sign on with the huzzahs. They’re good; not great.



Chadwick Boseman

He looks like a crew member on a starship a couple of hundred years from now. And to be quite honest, we’re loving it a little. There were a lot of attempts on this red carpet to do something interesting with the basic men’s suit, so any time one of these guys walked completely away from that paradigm and tried something different, we felt compelled to support it. The color’s a bit dull, but this is kind of cool in a very Chadwick sort of way.



Gaten Matarazzo in ASOS

He looks great and ASOS is a great fit for him, but in the interests of technical critiques, trendy cuts in suits – in this case, the blocky high-water pant – should be kept away from kids. It just looks like he outgrew his pants.



Jesse Tyler Ferguson in Paul Smith

This is all very cute in a very Jesse Tyler sort of way, but we maintain that the kicks-and-suit look doesn’t work if the suit is too business-like or formal.




Justin Hartley in Brooks Brothers

You really need to loosen up, Justin.



Machine Gun Kelly in Comme des Garçons


And yes, if we could pull it off, we’d wear it in a hot second.




FUCK, no.

Sorry, buddy, but you look like a ’70s televangelist.



Niall Horan in Paul Smith

It’s a great suit but it looks a little unfinished without a tie.



Nick Jonas in John Varvatos

That leathuh looks like buttah, but pushing up the sleeves of a leather jacket is something only a member of the Jackson family can really get away with. And the cut of those pants (which seems to be a theme with this red carpet) is unflattering.



Nick Cannon

Any man who walks a red carpet in a pink turban gets an automatic pass on anything else they’re wearing. That’s the T Lo way.



Patrick Schwarzenegger in Salvatore Ferragamo

You’re young. Why do you want to look like the guy who dies at the end of every James Bond film?




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, ABC/Image Group LA]

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