Winona Ryder Looks Appropriately Scared Out of Her Wits at Netflix’s “Stranger Things” Season 2 Premiere

Posted on October 27, 2017

Girl has no game. No game at all:


We’ve made this point many times over the years, so if you’ve heard it from us before, sorry for being repetitive, but here goes: Stars who became stars prior to 1995 or so, and who experienced a downward trend in their careers that lasted a significant period of time, are always easy to spot in a red carpet situation because they always have exactly the same expression Winona does here. We used to make this same exact point about Michelle Pfeiffer and (briefly, before he course-corrected admirably) Michael Keaton all the time. You have to understand the modern red carpet is frenzied at a level Winona rarely saw in her heyday. Of course Hollywood always had stars dress up and walk red carpets at major events, but now almost every celebrity event is covered by photographers like it was Oscar night and someone just got stabbed on the way into the ceremony. It can be really overwhelming if you’re not someone primed and trained to see the branding and PR possibilities.

Either she’s not utilizing a style team or she’s not utilizing them well. We get that goth-lite is still kind of her thing, so we’re not going to suggest lots of pops of color or anything. But that dress is a void. It does nothing in pictures. Of course it’s not helped by the errand-running hair, DIY makeup and SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE THINGS ON HER FEET?

Our point, as always: Girlfriend, you need to hire a stylist, pay a hair and makeup team and find yourself a drag queen willing to show you how to werk and twerk your way down a step-and-repeat with confidence. We’re not joking about a bit of it. You want great red carpet pictures? Getchaself a  kickass stylist and the Three Essential Queens: hair queen, makeup queen, drag queen.



[Photo Credit: Hahn Lionel/ABACA/, INSTARimages]

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