Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet Have Crazy Chemistry at the “Call Me by Your Name” New York Screening

Posted on October 05, 2017



If you boys wanted to skip the “showing off the outfits” part of the red carpet and just start making out…


… That would be okay, too.

Just saying.


If nothing else, we can’t fault them for failing to embrace the subject matter of their movie. You’ve got two straight guys promoting their homoerotic love story here. We can remember a time when the press campaign for this sort of thing would barely have them interacting together in public, in order to reinforce their inviolable (and much more profitable) heterosexuality. Now, they’re practically pawing at each other in public. If they were an actual couple, we’d roll our eyes and tell them to get a room.

Not that we’re looking at this cynically. Quite the opposite; we’re struck by the rapid social change of the last few years that has gotten us to this point. Jake and Heath sure weren’t acting this way when Brokeback Mountain was being promoted. It’s good for the culture all around when we give men of any orientation the room to be affectionate with each other. Without overstating it too much, it’s another nail in the coffin of the patriarchy.

Anyway, let’s move on to more shallow matters.

Button that jacket, mister. You’re in some fairly nice suiting, but it’s coming off a little sloppy. Personally, we would not have put him in something as conventional as this. He looks like a kid forced into dressing up for some occasion rather than a young man in clothes that make him feel good. Nothing here is terrible. It’s just kind of dull.

Ironically, it was the “older man” in this scenario who wound up wearing the fresher and more youthful look:

Cute. We’re glad he opted to undo the top button of the shirt. He’s way too tall to pull off that twee Amish thing of buttoning the shirt all the way. We’re going to have to ding him for being a bit sloppy as well, but we suppose all that … roughhousing doesn’t allow for perfectly impeccable looks afterward.





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Getty Images – Video Credit: SonyPicturesClassics via]

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