“The Walking Dead” 100th Episode Premiere and Party Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on October 23, 2017

They may not be the most stylish cast on TV right now, but they’re certainly one of the most talked-about. We walked away from the show two seasons back and haven’t regretted it, but by all means, take this opportunity to rant about things while we run down the cast’s fashion choices.

Do you like how we assumed you want to rant? Six seasons of recapping this thing, kittens. We know what we’re talking about. You can’t watch The Walking Dead without the need for at least the occasional rant to be expressed.

Anyway, on to more frivolous forms of judgment.


Andrew Lincoln

Works for us. It’s a little too accountant for our tastes, but he never came across like much of a fashion guy.


Danai Gurira in Mary Katrantzou


Miss Danai, we love you, and we tend to love Mary Katrantzou, but this is almost ridiculously bad.



Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Under-dressed. That jacket looks like it would make you sweat no matter what the temperature was.


Lauren Cohan in Altuzarra

Pretty. The sleeves are too fussy for our tastes, but fussy sleeves are very much on trend right now.



Melissa McBride

We don’t love the top, mainly because of the colors, but this style is so perfect for her. Since she’s so good at leaning into the art teacher vibe, we’d have rec’d some showier pieces of jewelry.



Norman Reedus

We hate the Johnny Cash look but can’t deny this is all well chosen. The hair is so gross. We get it’s for the role, but it’s truly awful on him. And we have no idea why they went this route, since Darryl had a cute little blond cut when he was introduced.

So. Was it awful, the premiere? Go ahead. You can tell us.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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